August 13, 2023       Registration Forms            Click here to get the most up-to-date page!

  Registration Process: The Auld Reid offers play in 20 Divisions.  During our Registration
  process information is taken regarding every players age and playing experience obtained
  from Roster submissions.  Final Division placement is determined by our staff who matches
  each team's age and overall strength against the other teams registered for the Tournament.
  It's a custom fit each year and we feel this leads to the best competition possible at all levels.
  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

  To begin the process you should first read the 'Details' page then come back to this page and
  Click on APPLICATION below, fill in the Form then hit Submit which will send your Application
  to the Tournament Committee.
  Once you submit your Application Form please click on ROSTER below, fill in the Form then
  hit submit and that form also gets sent to the Tournament Committee.  
  If you have any changes to your Roster before November 01 you can either re-submit your
  full Roster or email the changes to this email..

When you are ready click on the logo below to bring up the Form.

                           Application Form                          Roster Form